With the laptop screen dead, I decided to fluff off a bunch of items I need to do for the project and instead figured I would play around with google maps for a bit and see if it could lift my spirits. The results are available on my development install. I’ll probably kick it around some more. Some things I would like to do with it:

  • It’s a little America-centric since it was easiest for me to get lattitude and longitude information on folks living in the US, but I’d like to add some folks from around the globe. If you know the lat/long information of any postgresql developers (based on zip code preferably), please feel free to send it my way and I’ll add them in.
  • I am also thinking I should add a little description to the pop up box for what each member does, this could lead to other things like adding pictures like the old developers map
  • Find a permanent home for it… there are some annoying idosyncracies with the google API that I need to work out if I integrate it into a different site.

And of course theres all kinds of other things you could do with it, like search boxes or different markers to signify different items, but that would be further down the line. Until then please play around with it, zoom in on places like San Francisco and Philedalphia, and let me know what you think.