OSCON.2k5.2.PM - OSCON.2k5.3.AM

Not sure where to being. Guess the main thing is that connectivity has been hard to find. Yesterday was the [http://www.slony.info slony] talk by Chris Browne. All I can say is his presentation style is really different from Jan’s. [[image /xzilla/templates/default/img/emoticons/smile.png alt=”:-)” style=”display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;” class=”emoticon” /]] People seemed interested, several good questions arose, slony powers on. Afterword was dinner, had some salmon linguini at Milo’s Cafe which was tasty. Went back that evening for some perl awards, a nice speech about what business should be learning from open source, and Damian Conways talk on programming in Latin. Funny stuff in a geeky kind of way. This morning dropped in on the key notes and the postgresql booth. We got put over into the community pavillion, even though we have two commercial companies working the booth… seems like a disconnect with the O’Rielly folks. SRA has a flyer about thier certification course, I hope to go through that at some point. Walked around, grabbed some swag, missed [http://www.wjgilmore.com/ Jason Gilmore], but ran into George Essige (long time pg lurker). George is doing some neat stuff with temporal databases, he’ll need to do a talk on it eventually. Swung into Josh and Joe’s TB of Data talk, which was certainly good to see, and appears to have been [http://use.perl.org/~acme/journal/26069 well recieved]. The amount of data being pushed around in thier case studies is pretty serious; as my data warehouse grows back home, so does my fear of future hardware problems, which they noted was one of the major problems they had to overcome. After that I grabbed the bag lunch (turkey sandwhich, chips, cookie, apple, root beer(woohoo!)) I tracked down some connectivity and preceed to get caught up on things. Hopefully I’ll be back later, coming up this afternoon is the state of databases talk with Bruce Momjian, and OR-RDBMS mapping by david wheeler.