PostgreSQL Website Updates

Just a few minor updates I’ve done to the PostgreSQL webite I thought I’d let you know about: 1) Uploaded the optimized [ 8.1 pdf documentation files] that we provided by Mike Ellsworth. These have been run through Acrobat Pro 7 and should be a little smaller and provide snappier response especially when workng with bookmarks. 2) Updated the [ PostgreSQL Awards page] to mention that we also won the [ 2005 Linux Journal Editors Choice Award]. That’s three years straight for that one; anyone have any others? 3) Several new user quotes have been put into the system. You’ll see these rotate around on the main website periodically, but you can also see a list of all the user quotes by visiting the [ user quotes archive]. Got something you’d like to say about PostgreSQL? Send us an email Got a lot you’d like to say about PostgreSQL? We’d love to have a [ case study]. Drop us a note at [email protected] or [email protected].