You often hear tech pundits talk about different online communities as “spheres”, for example the blogosphere. Another high mided concept is that of a 3D style graphical representation of the internet and how its interconnections play out. Put those two ideas together I guess you end up with Grokker. Grokker is a search engine that displays its result in a pseudo-3D type graphical display, showing different “spheres” of like minded search results that you can drill in and out of. If you’ve got 15 minutes to kill, check out the [http://www.grokker.com/applet.html?query=postgresql elesphere] as viewed through Grokker. It’s kind of interesting some of the topics that pop-up, even if some of the information seems duplicated and just a little out of date. Oh, almost forgot the disclaimer, Grokker requires Java to run properly, so don’t complain to me if your browser wigs out on it.