Wikipgedia 0.0.2 Released

You know it’s time to make a new release when the majority of emails responses to people installing your project are “it’s fixed in CVS”. And so we have released [ wikipgedia 0.0.2]. This version adds full suport for searching via tsearch2, which is now a requirement. For those new to tsearch, check out [ Jutta Horstmann’s blog] for some interesting information. Also I am happy to say that we’ve fixed the mediawiki import functionality, which was used for the successful import of the full wikipedia xml dump (which takes about 90 gb’s if you’re wondering). Hopefully we’ll get more details as the become available. Of course we are interested in more testers and certainly more developers. If you’re interested please feel free to claim any of the tracker items available, or make new ones. If you’re testing and uncover issues, please report them to the [ bug tracker] as well. Thanks again for those who have helped out so far.