PostgreSQL Behind the Next Internet Buzz Product

We’ve seen this come and go before. Things like gmail, [ orkut], [ flickr], [ delicious], and [ flock]; all buzz happy websites sure to push you further into the world of Web 2.0. So what was this weeks buzz site? A task list manager known as [ remember the milk], which garnered some [ press] from [,7340,L-3158508,00.html around] the [;389361945;fp;2;fpid;1 world]. So what makes this site more interesting than the others? It’s based on PostgreSQL of course! The sight actually comes from two PostgreSQL community members, [ Emily Boyd] and [ Omar Kilani] (both of whom were very helpful in getting the new website pushed out), and is based on PHP, Python, and PostgreSQL. If you’re one of those people (who isn’t) that has a million things to do and has trouble keeping them straight, check it out.