PostgreSQL Naming Names

With the help of several members within the community, I’ve compiled a list of [ well-known companies and organizations that are making use of PostgreSQL]. It includes both companies who use us as a traditional enterprise style RDBMS (Afilias, The National Weather Service) and companies that have found PostgreSQL as a good database to use to build thier own products on (Apple, OpenMFG). In some cases we’ve provided pointers to public information including articles, case studies, or on-line documentation so you can see how these organizations make use of PostgreSQL. The list doesn’t included companies like CNN, ITN, Fox News, MTV, or Disney who some of us in the postgresql community know make use of postgresql by way of third party products and services they use. I based this decision on the thought that most of these companies probably don’t know they use PostgreSQL, so they probably aren’t the best candidates for this list. (However maybe you should keep in mind that every company that has an Apple runs PostgreSQL and the BSD operating system, nothing to sneeze at) Incidentally, if you know of any “name” companies making use of PostgreSQL who don’t consider it a trade seceret and would be willing to go on record, please do drop me a line. By name companies I am thinking companies that are [ Global 1000], or [ Web 100], or have similar name recognition. We know they’re out there, we just need to convince them to speak up. [[image /xzilla/templates/default/img/emoticons/smile.png alt=”:-)” style=”display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;” class=”emoticon” /]]