ajaxMyTop for PostgreSQL (Link Fixed)

Jeremy Zawadony had [http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/archives/006199.html a pointer to a project called ajaxMyTop] which is an ajax-ified version of his mytop program which does process listing for mysql. The [http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=156708 screenshots] looked cool, but I really wanted to play around with it so I converted it to PostgreSQL. If you’d like to play with it, you can find the code on the [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1422853&group_id=156708&atid=800870 ajaxmytop sourceforge patch page]. ==ED NOTE== I’ve re-uploaded the tarball to the sourceforge page so it should now be working. Probably forgot to check a box or something. Also it’s not a patch, it’s the full code needed, so you can just download and install.