Mod_auth_pgsql Vulnerability Getting Too Much Hype

Apparently tech editors are [ struggling for stories] this time of year. From [ techworld’s Matthew Broersma] we get an “article” about a recent [ mod_auth_pgsql exploit] with this over the top headline and opening sentence: **Apache shot with security holes** “Companies running Apache and a PostgreSQL database are at risk from serious Internet intrusion.” Is this guy a direct disciple of [ J. Jonah Jameson]? To be honest I don’t even **know** of anyone running [ mod_auth_pgsql]; I’m sure it is an important piece of software and the folks running it surely do need to upgrade, but I fail to see it as the doom and gloom scenario that Broersma tries to paint with those type of headlines. This probably wouldn’t bother me if there weren’t [ real security issues] and actual news items about [ releases that people really do need to be worrying about]. </rant>