Apress Open Source Blog

One of the things I’ve been meaning to mention in my blog is the new [http://opensource.apress.com/ Apress Open Source Blog], which collects blog postings on a variety of topics from several Apress editors, including Jason Gilmore and Matt Wade, both of whom I have worked with on PostgreSQL related projects. The posting cover all various types of information about open source, though I have to say my favorite posts so far (or at least the ones I have found most [http://opensource.apress.com/?s=tag&t=command-line-gems useful]) are actually from Keir Thomas, whom I haven’t worked with at all. Goes to show you that exposing yourself to new things is always good I guess. Anyway, the reason I mention it today is that Jason [http://opensource.apress.com/article/66/an-introduction-to-hacking-postgresql just put up a pointer] to Gavin Sherry and Neil Conway’s “Intro to Hacking PostgreSQL” talk that they gave at the PostgreSQL Summit this year. It was really a great talk, so if your even remotely interested in hacking Postgres check it out. And if your remotely interested in Open Source, check out the new Apress blog.