I am generally a believer that showing up to the airport more than an hour ahead of time is generally a waste. My brother, who drove me to the airport this morning, thinks that anything over 30 minutes is too much. Unfortunatly this doesn’t exactly jive with the 45 minute mandatory pre-flight check-in requirement needed for international flights…. doh! Had I not been in Orlando 5 hours earlier [ enjoying Mr. Claypool’s Fancy Band], the warning bells might have flashed a little louder in my head as I was figuring out when we needed to be at the airport… but I was and they didn’t and so I am not actually en route to Toronto as of yet. Instead (for the actually quite reasonable fee of $25) I am being routed through Washington, D.C. and am now scheduled to arive in Toronto at 2PM EST, later than I had hoped, but still in time for [ dinner]. And yes, this does mean that I now have a 2 1/2 hour layover at the airport and haven’t even boarded my first airplane yet. If this is a sign of things to come, it’s going to be quite a wild ride. The upside is that at least I am at Tampa International (best… airport…ever!) which gives free wi-fi…[,-the-Philidelphia-airport-sucks.html if only all airports were so nice].