This year I will be running the [ PostgreSQL Birds of a Feather] meeting at OSCon. We have a fairly good time slot: we’ll be on Thursday evening from 7 - 8 PM. My current plan for the BOF is to give a short recap of the PostgreSQL goings on in 2006, followed by an open discussion period. To kick off discussion, a friend of mine sugested to have everyone write down thier name and a question they would like to have answered before the BOF starts, and then we can collect those up and cover the most popular questions people have. Just to give people an extra incentive to participate, I’ve worked out some swag that we can raffle off from the nice folks over at [ Apress]; specifically a copy of the [ Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL] Book or, as Jason and I should both be at the conference) an autographed copy of our Beginning PHP & PostgreSQL 8. We’ll keep both copies around for people to thumb through, and then give them away at the end of the meeting. Hopefully it should be a fun time, if you’re going to OSCon or just live in the Portland area, come and hang out with some of your fellow PostgreSQL users.