EnterpiseDB on Novell Open Audio Podcast

Coinciding with thier [http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Vs4UWA930OGgPZ/Novell-Hopes-Open-Enterprise-Platform-Will-Convert-Customers.xhtml recent partnership announcement], Bill Mason, Vice President of Business Development (and former Novell employee) at EnterpriseDB, was recently interviewed on [http://www.novell.com/company/podcasts/openaudio.html Novell’s Open Audio Podcast]. Bill gives a quick overview of what EnterpriseDB is, how it differs from PostgreSQL, and what types of customers it has been aiming for. It wieghs in at just under three minutes, so even the most hectic of schedules should be able to cram it in, so [http://www.novell.com/recording/novellopenaudio/noa_bs06-partnerspotlight05.mp3 go give it a listen].