PostgreSQL 8.2 RC1 Released, Are You Testing?

Over the weekend the PostgreSQL folks [ released] their first release candidate for the new 8.2 release. This does not mean they believe they have a bug free release yet, but rather that the current test pool was not sufficient in size/width/depth to uncover any lingering bugs that may, or may not, still exist. I know that I have done some testing on some internal applications and I suspect others are doing the same, but I haven’t heard much in the way of other open source projects that are testing against 8.2. The [ PHP] folks have a nice idea where different projects are emailed about upcoming releases so they can do testing before the actual release, but what I don’t see is where this information is quantified and visible for users to see… I guess with regards to PostgreSQL I’d like to see an application matrix akin to the [ buildfarm], only with different applications. For example, I’ve tested both [ PhpPgAdmin] and [ Pagila] against 8.2, but haven’t yet tested [ mediawiki] or [ s9y] against it, or any [ RoR] apps for that matter… if someone else has that would save me the trouble, but only if I know about it. I think this would be helpful to others too, though I don’t really see anything similar to it in the open source world, but in any case if you have tested an open source application against PostgreSQL 8.2, I’d love to hear about it.