Web Team Updates

Just a couple of quick updates on new things going on with the postgresql website: * Thanks to the help of Joachim Wieland, there is now a [http://www.doxygen.org/ doxygen] version of the [http://doxygen.postgresql.org/ PostgreSQL codebase] available. * We’ve modified the [http://www.postgresql.org/ PostgreSQL main page] to split upcoming events into training events and community events (such as conferences). While we’re happy to have such a large number of training options available, we also think it is important to increase community interaction and to get more users of PostgreSQL participating in these events, so hopefully this should help out in that department. * As [http://people.planetpostgresql.org/mha/index.php?/archives/131-Docbot-integration-with-websearch.html Magnus mentioned], we’ve recently integrated the irc folks “docbot” search into our web search, which should help people find information quicker and more easily. Over the coming weeks we should also be able to match up the most [http://people.planetpostgresql.org/mha/index.php?/archives/121-search.postgresql.org-statistics.html common search terms] and make this even better. * And finally, we’ve popped up a new poll on the website asking about people’s plans for various conferences that will be coming in the next few months. If you haven’t had a chance to respond, please chime in. As always, the web team welcomes your feedback; just send an email to [email protected].