phpPgAdmin 4.1 Released

The phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce a new major release of phpPgAdmin. Version 4.1 adds many new features, bug fixes and updated translations over the previous version.


To download right now, visit: []


To give the fully-functional demo a try, visit: []

New Features

* New icons by Niko , from the graphics repository on pgFoundry. * Added icons to bread crumb trail and tabs. * Send encrypted passwords over the wire wherever possible. * Alter sequence, nextval and setval (Guillaume) * Auto-select ‘WITHOUT OIDS’ if ‘default_with_oids’ setting is false (Guillaume) * Autovacuum configuration support (Robert Treat) * Basic ROLE support (Chris Kings-Lynne, Javier Carlos) * Add support for SSL connections (Eric Kinolik) * Display content of pg_locks view (Javier Carlos) * Add labels for checkboxes/radio buttons for improved usability (Guillaume) * Display Prepared Transactions (Javier Carlos) * Re-enable table browsing from tree icons (ioguix) * Add Support For IN/OUT Parameters (John Jawed) * Add column level information into the tree browser (ioguix) * Promote column level interaction into its own page (ioguix) * Add automatic lookup of foreign key values in insert/update fields (John Jawed) * Add ability to create/drop/alter custom aggregates (Javier Carlos) * Add enable/disable trigger (John Jawed) * Add global comments for databases and tablespaces