Pdxpgday (Oscon Day 0)

I got in yesterday around noon, but didn’t make it down to the pdxpgday thing until a bit after it started. Apparently this was unfortunate, as Jeff Davis gave a rousing talk about the good-ness that is [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_normalization#Sixth_normal_form sith normal form]. After that was a talk on the radix application system, a RAD system designed to replace foxpro/access forms (my words, not the speakers). Following that, Theo gave his talk on postgres tricks with solaris, which recieved a number of “that’s cool” from the audience, so I think it was well received. Slides from Theo’s talk should be on the [http://www.omniti.com/resources OmniTI resources page], and the code should be available in the [https://labs.omniti.com/trac/pgsoltools pgsoltools project page] (if not complain and I’ll try to get it up there). Following Theo was a talk by Chris Travers on LedgerSMB. They had a few technical difficulties, but from what we saw, it seemed like an interesting project that was coming out of some rocky times. It’s certainly worth a look if your looking to run your own SMB Ledger application. Following the pdxpgday, I did the official hotel check-in thing, and then went to the [http://www.postgresqlparty.org/ postgresql party]. There was a actually a pretty good-sized crowd there, especially considering the lack of outside advertising; folks from CMD, whitepages.com, Emma, OmniTI, and many more. Special thanks to EDB for helping pick up the bar tab once we ran out of free $5 beers.