phpPgAdmin 4.1.3-rc-1 Now Available

About three weeks ago we put out a new version of [ phpPgAdmin]’s stable branch which had a security fix for an XSS vulnerability. Unfortunately the fix also introduced a regression, mainly for those running non-mainstream locales (including SQL_ASCII, which is somewhat mainstream), so we spent the last few weeks coming up with a better fix. Since the scope of the better fix cuts a wide swath against the stable files, we’ve decided to be a bit more cautious and put out a Release Candidate for the 4.1.3 branch. Hopefully we’ll get some solid feedback and testing on the RC so we can push out a 4.1.3 final and then get back to work on 4.2 (4.2 is looking to be a really great release, so more help now putting 4.1.3 to bed would be huge!). For those helping out or those needing to upgrade from earlier 4.1.x release (which we recommend), you can find the new version from our [ download page on SourceForge].