Pgcon 2007 Day 2 Mid Day Report

Currently sitting in [ Greg Mullane]’s plperl talk. Much of it is stuff I am familiar with (we use plperlu quite a bit at [ omniti]), but there are also some interesting things he has mentioned that he has run across after digging into the perl side much deeper than I have. For me, I gave my first of 2 talks, pro-postgresql (dba 102), talk this morning. The talk attempts to present a holistic view on things a postgresql DBA should be aware of; I’ll post my slides on-line soon, probably either on techdocs or on the [ omniti resources page]. I think it went over pretty well, gauged mainly by some good followup questions I recieved. There were certainly a lot of new faces in the crowd, and I got to put names to faces for some people I have spoken with on-line, which is always a bonus. Tommorrow the conference starts in earnest, with a bunch more people set to show up (not too late if you can make it to Ottowa in the next 18 hours). Hopefully by then I can hook up with Dave, Simon, and some of the other EDB europe folks (had breakfast with Magnus this morning). I’m also due up for talk #2 tommorrow, so the pressures not off yet. [[image /xzilla/templates/default/img/emoticons/wink.png alt=”;-)” style=”display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;” class=”emoticon” /]]