Compiere Now Running on PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server (Aka EnterpriseDB)

Doesn’t seem like this received much chatter, but there are a couple of reasons why [ Compiere loosening it’s bond with Oracle] is interesting. On the EnterpriseDB side, it’s interesting because to date, I haven’t heard of any Oracle apps that have been ported to their software, and now we have one that is out in the open, not just as an announcement, but according to the press release it is already installed at a customer site. Given the cost difference between EDB and Oracle, you can be sure this will lead to further adoption. On the Compiere side, there has always been talk that while they called themselves an open source company, they would never port their product to an open source option (remember fyracle anyone?). Yes, that hasn’t changed with this announcement ([ PPAS] is a closed fork of PostgreSQL), getting this running against a second database is the first crack in the wall. Yeah, they still make buckets on reselling Oracle, and now they will make smaller buckets reselling EnterpriseDB, but it might lead to further options down the line. Even if not, Compiere is an accepted tool in the “enterprise” world, and for whatever amount it’s user base becomes interested in using EnterpriseDB, this will help open up the community of database professionals to having at least a passing familiarity with PostgreSQL (by way of Postgres Plus Advanced Server). So maybe this isn’t big news, but it will have ripples.