Php|tek vs. PGCon, Again

OK, I don’t expect every Open Source community to be able to avoid overlapping conferences, but I sure wish these two could avoid it. Once again it looks like php|tek and PGCon will be butting heads, as both will be held the last full week of May, 2009. It’s been awhile since I’ve made it out to a PHP event, and php|tek was one of my top choices, but alas, I can’t pass on PGCon. This is also a problem for me as someone who works with the PGCon scheduling committee. We get a fair share of Perl related talks and a nice smattering of other languages as well, but we’ve had a heck of a time getting more PHP related content to fill out the schedule; this doesn’t make that task any easier. It’s a shame too, because PHP and Postgres is a nice combination; PHP is used by the PostgreSQL project itself to power much of it’s web architecture, and it’s also used by companies to power some of the most popular websites on the internet (yes, even bigger than Wikipedia). I guess I can hold out hope that the travel policies of the U.S. will inspire some people to forgo the trip to Chicago and veer toward Ottawa instead? *sigh* Here’s hoping for better luck in 2010.