The Future of Tech Writing Is Comical

When I first saw the Google Chrome comic book, I really thought it was a great idea. Delivering tech content in a light-hearted manner has often been my style, and this just raised that to a higher level, with friednly comic style animations to walk you through it. It did make me wonder though, would a postgres book along similar lines be successful? I mean, we’ve been talking about how processed based architectures lead to more stability for years, but no one seemed to care about that untill Google talked about it. But, it seems I’m already late to the game, based on this upcoming book (hat tip to Mark for the link): The Manga Guide To Databases I know, it sounds like a joke, but check out the description:
In The Manga Guide to Databases, Tico the fairy teaches the Princess how to simplify her data management. We follow along as they design a relational database, understand the entity-relationship model, perform basic database operations, and delve into more advanced topics. Once the Princess is familiar with transactions and basic SQL statements, she can keep her data timely and accurate for the entire kingdom. Finally, Tico explains ways to make the database more efficient and secure, and they discuss methods for concurrency and replication.
No Starch, if you need a tech/book review, mark me down, I can’t wait to see this! (And BTW, if any Japanese folks are familiar with Mana Takahashi’s work, I’d love to hear your thoughts or get some links in the comments)