Up Next, Percona and MySQL Conferences

This week I’ll be traveling to California to take part in the Percona Performance Conference, a two-day event run concurrently with the MySQL Users Conference, but centered around all aspects of internet based design, performance, and scalability. At OmniTI, we have helped many organizations scale their systems using Oracle, Postgres, and/or MySQL, both for high OLTP loads as well as large OLAP oriented systems. In my talk, “Scaling with Postgres” (Wednesday @ 11:55AM), I plan to explain the general path for scaling Postgres related systems, and compare how this lines up with other database systems. Since I’ll be in town for a few days, I’ve also signed up to do a Postgres BOF at theMySQL users conference (Wednesday @ 7:30PM). Currently the BOF has no topic, but there are a number of topics that I expect people might want to talk about, including ways to use Postgres and MySQL together, Porting applications and doing cross database development, and of course the straight-forward “why should I use Postgres?” If you are planning on coming to the BOF and have a specific topic or question you’d like answered, please post it in the comments, or send me an email. Note I’ll also be in town Thursday as well; I’m hoping to take in several of the talks during that time, but I’ve no official duties, so should be available for further questions and conversation during that time as well. Hope to see you there.