Denish Looks at RubyRep

The OmniTI database team is noted for managing both large and high volume systems, but also for doing this in heterogeneous database environments. Accomplishing that is not always easy, often requiring custom solutions, so we try to keep our ears to the ground and investigate new tools as they come along. When RubyRep was first announced, I put it on the back-burner: a multi-master replication system that can work on both mysql and postgres? Sounds pretty pie in the sky to me. Luckily Denish (one of the DBA’s on our team) isn’t as cynical as me, so he took it for a test drive. I have to admit that so far it looks good, enough so that I prodded him to write down some notes on it, to which we’ve now gotten them up on-line. If you’re into database replication solutions at all, I’d encourage you to take a look at RubyRep as well.