Hat Tip to MindGrub

Wanted to give a hat tip to MindGrub, tonight’s speakers for the Columbia PHP Meetup. Due to some scheduling issues, their designated speaker Todd Marks couldn’t make it, but they more than made up with it, by sending Patrick Wilson, their top software engineer, who helped host Todd put a virtual talk, by way of speakerphone and remote desktop. Very nice! MindGrub does custom development of social networking oriented websites, primarily using technologies like drupal and kickapps. They discussed several implementations, some of the tech behind the scenes, and other practices they’ve come to embrace (yay svn!). All in all it was a good evening with lots of technical discussion. I also want to say thanks to Chris Stone, our organizer, for pulling things together, and OmniTI for donating space/refreshments. Hope we can do it again next month!