Blog Searching Should Be Fixed Now

Another quick blog update… I think search should now be fixed as well. After the import, I noticed all searching was broken, and also that many of the links when scrolling through the history would not work. This turned out to be two issues: the first was that my recent re-import of data uploaded this post which contained some invalid utf8 data. This meant that anytime the data was searched on, it would generate an invalid utf8 error, breaking the search. I’m unsure if I would have had this problem on 8.3 (we’re currently running this on 8.2), but luckily I still have some code from a recent project where I had to ferret out invalid utf8 data, so that was relatively easily found and fixed, which fixed the search as a whole. The next thing that I needed to fix was the broken permalinks. As it turns out, serendipity has a table to store permalinks based on configuration of your blog. As I hadn’t dealt with that on the re-import, it was broken, so I simply needed to re-populate that table for the old (or is that new) entries. Much thanks to the guys on irc (particularly lluad) for helping me work through some regex issues. So that should make it much easier to find and reference any of the old entries. As always, should you find any broken permalinks, please do drop me an email.