Most Blog Postings Now Recovered

Over the Holidays I spent some time pushing forward with recovering my old blog posts and getting them loaded into the new blog. While the posts are now visible, not everything is 100%, so I thought a quick run-down of what works and what doesn’t might be appropriate.
  1. 90%+ of blog posts have been re-imported; I believe I have copies of the missing ones, but they didn’t play nicely with the importer script. I’ll probably get them up some day, but if you find you’re looking for a specific one that doesn’t show up, drop me a line and I’ll re-import it by hand
  2. .
  3. Categories have been re-built for imported entries, so those following category specific feeds, you should see the related entries. I’m not sure it’s 100%, but this is somewhat non-critical, so probably will be left as is. If you find something really wrong or think something is worth updating, just let me know.
  4. Speaking of search, none of the entries show up in search results right now. I believe I need to store the text bodies in multiple places for the search code to work against it, but I haven’t looked to closely at that. It is something I plan to fix though (actually I think all of search is broken now… woopsie)
  5. Each entries unique identifier should have been preserved, which means that you should be able to map old entries to new ones with a little url hacking. For example, if you are looking for the old entry
    you can find it on the new blog by going to
    (This could probably be turned into a nice apache re-write rule, but that’s up to the maintainer, not me)
  6. links and styles don’t work in old blog posts; the links are there, but they got converted into some kind of wiki formatting during conversion. I probably won’t go back and fix this, but again if you really need a specific post cleaned up, let me know. (Or if someone can come up with some generic sql replacement fu I can run, I’d be inclined to try it
  7. Comments are all missing, but I think I have them all, and with the id preservation, this should be something that is recoverable, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.
Big thanks go to Magnus for the initial re-import script (even if it was in python). While I hacked it to do recovery in a different way, he worked out most of the hard parts which made things actually possible for me (although I am now much more familiar with python regular expressions than I ever imagined I’d be)