Guide to Postgres 8.4 Video Now Available

For those looking for more information on the “Guide to Postgres 8.4” talk I have been giving recently, I thought I’d put up a few pointers to the information now available. First, there is now video available online from the presentation I gave at PGCon. It contains audio, video, and the slide stack to go with it. For some reason the audio feed doesn’t work on my MacBook, though it does seem fine from my Linux box, so if you can get audio, it should be ok. I also noticed that some of the slides were cut in odd ways, so if you want the full slide stack from the talk, thats available on the PGCon website talk page. There’s also a slightly longer slide stack from a 3 hour version of this talk I gave at PGEast which I made available at slideshare. There was supposed to be video of that session made available, but I haven’t seen it yet, once it’s up, I’ll let you know. Hope this helps, and good luck with Postgres 8.4.