PostgreSQL East Conference 2009

We’re coming up on conference season again. While hectic, I always enjoy (or at least try to enjoy) conference season as a chance to not only share the things we’ve learned whilst abusing Postgres at OmniTI, but also as a chance to meet-up with fellow community members and see what new and interesting ways they are making use of Postgres in their worlds. First up this year, I’ll be speaking at the PostgreSQL East Conference, taking place Aril 3rd-5th, in Philadelphia, PA. This year I’m involved in two talks: The first session will be on Friday, and will take shape as a 3 hour wander through the upcoming PostgreSQL 8.4 release, now nearing beta. We’ll discuss some of my favorite new features, discuss some other 8.4 related talks during the conference you’ll want to see, and provide some hands on examples of 8.4 goodness. On Sunday, I’ll also be taking part in a round-table discussion on Postgres Performance, along side Greg Smith, Andrew Dunstan, and Joshua Drake. I speak with all three of these guys regularly, so I’m excited to be serving on a panel with them. I’m certain the audience will also have several notable Postgres experts, so it’s likely to be a lively discussion. In between all of that is a solid line-up of talks for DBA’s, developers, and newbies as well, so if you’re into Postgres, take this opportunity to get out, learn some new things, and meet some of your fellow Postgres Community members.