phpPgAdmin 4.2.3 Released

phpPgAdmin 4.2.3 Released ———————– 4-13/2010 The phpPgAdmin Team is happy to announce a new bugfix release for phpPgAdmin. Version 4.2.3 fixes several long standing bugs and fixes some PHP 5 compatability issues in the 4.2.x branch. All users of phpPgAdmin are encouraged to upgrade to this new version. Download ——– To download right now, visit: (RPMs available soon) Demo —- To give the fully-functional demo a try, visit: Deprecation Warning ——————- Note, this may likely be the last version of phpPgAdmin released on the 4.2.x branch. We are currently planning to release phpPgAdmin 5.0 this summer, which will support PHP 5+ only, and Postgres 7.3+. Legacy users should continue to use 4.2.3. Regards, The phpPgAdmin Team