OmniTI Is Heading to PGEast 2010

PGEast is the premiere Postgres conference held inside the U.S. each year, and this years conference, in Philadelphia, is now less than a month away. The organization and formatting have evolved a little from previous years, but one things still continues; a very strong presentation line up. We at OmniTI are very happy to be among that group of people, with four talks in this years conference lineup; Know More Waiting, A Guide To PostgreSQL 9.0 by Robert Treat (hey, that’s me), will give an overview of the upcoming PostgreSQL 9.0 release. While we’re still a few months ahead of release, but we have a pretty good idea of what’s coming in the next release, and this talk will help you start planning for how you will be able to take advantage of the new features coming our way. PostgreSQL, meet AMQP, by Theo Schlossnagle, looks at pg_amqp, a “contrib” style module for Postgres that provides transaction style message queuing from inside of Postgres, using the AMQP standard. Yet Another Replication Tool : RubyRep by Denish Patel, will delve into one of the newer Postgres replication solutions on the block. RubyRep is design for dead simple installation and setup, while still delivering advanced features like data comparing, synchronization between servers, and even master-master replication options. Database Scalability Patterns by Robert Treat (me again), takes a look at the common patterns around scaling your database solution, and looks at some of the different options available to people scaling with Postgres. But wait, there’s more! While we at OmniTI are definitely excited to be participating in PGEast this year, there are a number of other good talks and speakers, including Magnus Hagander, Jeff Davis, Baron Schwartz, and many others. For full talk details, check out the conference talks page; I hope you’ll journey out and say hi, it should be a pretty good time.