Actually, I Am Not Going to PGWest (and You Might Not Want to Either)

OK, I am just trying to set the record straight. People are still confused thinking I might be going to PGWest, but I’m not. I know where the confusion comes from; on the PG West website, there is a picture of me in the banner graphic; which makes people think I am going to PG West. This is not unreasonable, it’s just untrue. For what it’s worth, I did ask Joshua to remove my picture when people first started asking me if I was going, and he said he would, but that was well over a month ago. I do think he will take it down, but in the mean time, I figure I should at least put some effort into clarifying things myself. So, to be clear, I will not be going to PG West this year. Also, to be clear, it’s not that I have anything against PG West per se. I’ve gone to multiple PG West cons in the past, and I suspect I’ll probably go to more in the future. It’s just that this year, I’ve got something better to go to. That something is Surge. What is Surge? Surge is the premeire conference on internet scalability. Now, I have to disclose, I am affiliated with the conference, but this conference really stands on it’s own merits, no question. Now in it’s second year, Surge packs an incredible lineup of people leading large scale operations on the net. Reading through the speakers list, I see companies like Yahoo, Wikia, Message Systems, Varnish, MyYearbook, Percona, Etsy. If you are trying to grow at scale, you can learn a lot from this crowd. Yeah, but I’m a DBA So most people going to PGWest are probably DBA’s, or at least work closely with Postgres, so it makes sense for them to go to PGWest; I get that. But here is why you may not want to. The thing about Surge is that, while it isn’t a database conference per se, a fair amount of the content does revolve around managing data. Let’s face it, if you are running a website at scale, chances are you have to deal with large amounts of data. Whether it’s massive data on disk, or dealing with massive throughput of data, or trying to figure out how to visulaize all that data, Surge has it covered. And what I find most intriguing is that because Surge is not focused on any particular technology, you get to see both problems and solutions from different angles, which I think helps to learn even more. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it; scan the speakers list, check out the talk profiles, and see if there isn’t something there looks awesome. See you in September In any case, record set straight. You know where I’ll be, I hope to see you then. Oh, and in case you need incentive, early bird pricing is still in effect until the end of July. Get on it!