PGDay Denver 2011 Wrap-Up

Last Friday was the first PGDay Denver, a regional one day Postgres conference, put on by Kevin Kempter and the folks who run the Denver Postgres User Group. We had between 50 and 75 people, which is pretty good turnout for a first time event. I gave two talks, my “Essential PostgreSQL.conf” talk (slides here) and my “Advanced WAL File Management with OmniPITR” talk (slides here). It was my first time in Denver (outside of the airport at least), and I have to say that the city is very well laid out for conference goers. The one tricky part was getting from the airport to downtown, but once you are downtown, their are plenty of good places to eat/drink, plenty of hotels, and the conference center itself is massive. After a couple nights on the town, I was honestly left surprised that I hadn’t been to a conference here before (maybe OSCon should swing through some year?) and hoping I’ll get the chance to go back. In any case, thanks to the PGDay Denver folks for putting together a nice event, and hopefully we’ll see others follow their lead with more PGDay’s in their part of the country.