New Postgres Backup and Restore Book

A couple of months ago the folks a PACKT had asked me if I could tech review one of their new books; PostgreSQL Backup and Restore How-to. What caught my eye about this was the idea behind the book; pick a single topic that is important to people using the software, and then cover the topic quickly and efficiently. Postgres is a really large piece of software, with a heck of a lot of moving parts, so it’s difficult to cover the entire thing in one book. This approach is one that I have been suggesting to publishers for awhile, so I was happy to help PACKT with their attempt. The book itself covers a number of different options when it comes to Postgres backups; from pg_dump to how to make filesystem backups using PITR and the WAL system. If you’re working with Postgres and you have questions about the different options available for doing backups and/or restores, I encourage you to check it out. Cover-of-Packt-PostgreSQL-Backup-and-Restore-Howto-book