Postgres 9.4 - a First Look

Today I gave a talk at pgcon about the upcoming features in 9.4. As the beta was just last week, I think it’s a fairly accurate representation of what should ultimately end up in 9.4. Of course, in the course of a talk I couldn’t cover everything, but I think it should give a good primer for anyone looking to upgrade.

I want to give a big thanks to Magnus Hagander and Dave Page, who did talk on earlier versions of 9.4, which was invaluable in helping me put together my own slide deck. Also thank to Michael Paquier and Hiekki Linnikagas who provided supplemental materials. Also no one could do these talks without the work of depesz; I would strongly encourage those looking for more information on 9.4 to check out his blog. Finally, I’d like to thank all of the Postgres Developers who have worked on the 9.4 release, without whom we wouldn’t have a release.