Now With More SSL

Some of you may have noticed a minor url change, so I thought I should probably toss out a quick blog update to let you know that I’ve switched my blog to be SSL only. I’ve been meaning to do this for a bit but round tuits and all; I ended up finally making the switch as I also moved the site behind Cloudflare, which provides a number of web related services, including the aforementioned SSL coverage (for free) as well as caching services, so in theory the site should be just a bit faster for folks.

For those with a deep curiosity, this means my stack is now Octopress as a static site genarator. Those files are uploaded to which does static site hosting. And now Cloudfront sits in front of the site, managing DNS, providing caching, and the aforementioned SSL. I also keep a copy of the site at Heroku that I occasionally play with. This means my typical workflow is using vim for site updates, and git pushes to get things to the various places they need to go.