The Lost Art of Plpgsql

One of the big features talked about when PostgreSQL 11 was released was that of the new stored procedure implementation. This gave Postgres a more standard procedure interface compared to the previous use of functions. This is perticularly useful for folks who are doing database migrations where they may have been using the standards CALL syntax vs Postgres traditional use of SELECT function(); syntax. So it struck me as odd earlier this year when I noticed that, despite the hoopla, that a year later that there was almost zero in the way of presentations and blog posts on either the new stored procedure functionality or the use of plpgsql in general.

And so I got the idea that maybe I would write such a talk and present it at PGCon; a nod to the past and the many years I’ve spent working with plpgsql in a variety of roles. The commitee liked the idea (disclosure that I am on the pgcon committee, but didn’t advocate for myself) and so this talk was born. For a first time talk I think it turned out well, though it could definitly use some polish; but I’m happy that it did help spark some conversation and actually has given me a few items worth following up on, hopefully in future blog posts.

Video should be available in a few weeks, but for now, I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the slides on slideshare.