Damn Thats Some Good Lookin Code You Got There

[http://www.enterprisedb.com EnterpriseDB] recently lead the way to get the PostgreSQL [http://www.enterprisedb.com/pressrelease5.do source code tested] by Coverity Prevent, a software analyzation tool that looks for bugs and programming flaws within source code. Now I generally don’t take these things too seriously, but the results of this test were quite impressive compared to some of the other products that have been tested. For example, My$ql touted their numbers of 1 defect for every 4000 lines of code as miles ahead of proprietary databases, which weighed in on average of 1 defect per 250 lines of code, and really that is a signifigant jump. However the PostgreSQL code blew even that number away with only 1 problem found in every 39,000 lines of code, which is really just an unbelieveably small number of problems. Well, unbelievable if you haven’t been following [http://www.postgresql.org/developer/ PostgreSQL development] for years. And of course, as good open source citizens, EnterpriseDB has already pushed the fixes back into the community, so it just keeps on getting better.