wikipgedia-0.0.1 Tarball Available

I talked to a couple of folks who were having issues with the foundry cvs server, so I’ve made available a tarball available from the [ project page] so folks can download and test the installation. Note I’ve also added a few notes to the README.postgresql file, so you should take a look at those before you install. Please be aware I’ve mainly been working on php5 and postgresql 8.1, but I think it should support php4.x of some level and postgresql 7.3 or above. Any feedback (and especially patches) are much appreciated. The current plan is for me to submit patches back to mediawiki to get thier CVS working with PostgreSQL support; I’ve sent an email this afternoon and have gotten some feedback, I’ll try to get that worked out over the weekend. I also have some outstanding code/patches I am looking at (including a big one from Denis implementing tsearch2 support) but am not sure how long it will be before I get to them. (My wife was in a car accident this week; she is ok but our car was severaly wrecked, so a large part of this weekend will be going toward straightening that out, plus I have some other obligations that I need to focus on).