Fix for S9y 1.0 / PostgreSQL Users Re: Last_modified Time

This morning I finally got time to track down the s9y bug that I had mentioned [ about two weeks ago] on my blog. It turns out my inital diagnosis was wrong; it wasn’t a problem with publishing old entries, but actually a larger problem where postgresql based systems would never update the last_modified time stamp of a blog entry. Since most publishing times and last modification times are usually pretty close, it’s very easy to overlook, and why I started down the wrong path on this one… but after some discussion with [ s9y guru Garvin] I realized that my intial complaint wasn’t the root of the problem. You can check out most of the discussion (including explination of why it fails) on the [ s9y bug forum], and for those who would rather patch now than wait for an upgrade, you can get the [ changes from SVN].