Google SoC Coming to a Close

I just finished up my mentor evaluation for the [ google summer of code program]. The project I worked on was the addition of several new features into phppgadmin by way of the postgresql project. Features we ended up adding included the following: * Add Check and foreign key constraints addition to the add/alter column pages. * User-defined size field disabled for data types with pre-defined sizes on add/alter column pages. * Autocomplete feature on foreign key values for update/insert row pages. * Add support for IN, OUT, and INOUT arguments to functions * Add support for ENABLE/DISABLE TRIGGER on tables (introduced in 8.1). * Move argument list for functions into it’s own section and add support for IN, OUT, INOUT and their respective types. From my end of things, I really enjoyed the whole process, and would gladly sign up for this program next year. My student also said he enjoyed the process and felt very welcome inside the community as well. I also think from [ the project’s] stand-point it gave us a boost to have regular code submissions coming in during the summer. Right now we have 3 outstanding patches (iirc) that we need to do something about, but after that we can probably go ahead and make a new release for phpPgAdmin, hopefully all in the next month or so.