Tinkering With S9y

I’ve been tinkering with the s9y installation on planetpostgresql the last few days. I don’t think I’ve caused any disruption, but I found a small bug / issue with publishing long standing draft entries, so I’ve whacked the code around just a tich in an effort to fix it. I’ll shoot out some more details once I’m a little more certain that it’s been resolved. One of the things that I was actually trying to do was to install the static page plugin for s9y. This allows you to make non-blog oriented pages for your website so you have a place to put static information within the s9y system. I tossed up a quick example page of this on the various writing work I’ve done over the years.. it’s not really complete but should give folks a good indication of how the static plugin page can be used. This should be available to all [http://people.planetpostgresql.org/ planetpostgresql bloggers] if they want to make use of it.