It Seemed Almost Fitting in a Way

Something in my head should have clicked reminding me that bad weather == big trouble at the airport. I spent a nice chunk of my morning getting to the airport, through a thoroughly understaffed ticketing line, and then on through customs. It wasn’t good but it did involved progress… my afternoon I spent sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for a plan flight that ended up leaving an hour late and left me without a connecting flight into Tampa. I did make it home, but only after being redirected into Orlando instead, and then driving from Orlando into Tampa and then on up to Gainesville (final arrival time back home? 3 AM). At the time it seemed almost fitting that I was rerouted back through orlando, given [ the way this whole adventure was planned], but I do need to rant that there was actually another flight into Tampa last night that I could have gotten if the airline companies had thier act together. I had remembered this from when I booked my ticket…flying on TED the was a late night arrival option into Tampa, but the United carries that were in charge of the flight out of Toronto insisted no such flight existed. When I get into Dullest… err Dulles Airport in DC (can you say no wi-fi… not even a paid option!) I had plenty of time to research this and found out the Tampa flight was a TED flight charted through Lufthansa and there was no way they would allow me to get transfered at that point…. &@^*@! The only upside of this was I had plenty of time to finish reading the first of the new [ Shadowrun novels] that were recently relaunched. It wasn’t a great read, but it was fun to visit that world again. Might have to get another one for OSCon.