Upgraded to Ubuntu LTS

I upgraded my laptop to [http://www.ubuntu.com/ Ubuntu 6.06 LTS] last night (from breezy). For the most part everything went pretty smooth, though I noticed all my networking stuff was hosed up this morning, but I think that was a problem with my router and not the laptop itslef. At one point during the upgrade I got some crazy message trying to explain that PostgreSQL 8.0 and how to upgrade to 8.1. This didn’t seem right to me, since 8.0 is still supported (moreso than naught) by the upstream project, and I thought part of the point of doing all the [http://igbt.sel.eesc.usp.br/cgi-bin/man/man2html?1+pg_lsclusters ls-clusters stuff] was to run multiple pg versions side by side. (Admitidly I haven’t had much success with that so far, but in theory at least). Oh well, I’ll keep an eye on things the next few days and see how it goes…this is certainly more successful than the various red hat upgrades I had done in the past, so for that I fell pretty good.