The Future of Data Warehousing Is All PostgreSQL

It’s funny that there really isn’t a lot of chatter about data warehousing within the PostgreSQL community, and yet here is [ another company using PostgreSQL] as the basis for a black box data warehouse appliance. ParACCEL is the name, and apparently they some hacks centered around in-memory processing to build there application. Much like Netezza, they are apparently not open source friendly, so there has as of yet been no effort to contribute anything back to the community. This of course means that Greenplum, by way of [ Bizgres], is still the community favorite in the data warehouse market, but it is always interesting to see more people climb aboard the PostgreSQL bandwagon, and who knows, maybe as thier profile grows they will get a little more involved in the community process. (In case anyone from ParACCEL is reading this, sponsored developers, patch contributions, funding, and advocacy development are all nice ways to give back.)