Google SoC and PostgreSQL

As many people know the PostgreSQL project has happily [ jumped aboard] the Google SoC bandwagon. Over the last few weeks several communities members including myself have been looking over applications and trying to come up with a good set of projects to participate with. This coming week the list of accepted projects should be finalaized, but until then I thought I would give you a few numbers regarding SoC, it’s participants, and where we fit in. Note the numbers could change before everything is finalized, but they should be pretty close. * Total number of OSS projects involved: 101 * Total number of student applications: 1280 * Total number of applications accepted: 636 (!) * Project with the most accepted projects: Tie –> Apache Software Foundation and Python Software Foundation (25) * Project with the fewest accepted projects: ICU (2) * Number of projects PostgreSQL is likely to recieve: 7 So far I’m pretty pleased with how things have gone so far and want to give a tip of the hat to Google for setting this whole thing up. Keep watching here and the PostgreSQL website for more news once our project list has been finalized.