Greenplum / Frontier Airlines Press Coverage

For those that missed it, Greenplum has [ announced a support deal] with the folks at Frontier Airlines. While it is for Bizgres MPP, the proprietary end of the Greenplum family, it’s still a good thing for Greenplum and a good thing for PostgreSQL as well, as explained in this un-attributed quote in a [ recent blog entry over at ZDNet]:
“All this works because Greenplum works directly with the Bizgres community, which applies PostgreSQL to BI problems. “We go through great effort to make sure we in the commercial version have full compatibility with PostgreSQL. So when they get people trained they are using Postgre. When people buy into us they buy into Postgre.”
I know, I know…[ it’s not Postgre], but the point still remains.. if you learn Bizgres, even the MPP flavor, you’re going to be comfortable on PostgreSQL, and that’s a good thing. By the way, there was some horrible FUD/Misinformation in the comments of that blog post. One guy claims that it shows open source to be weak because PostgreSQL was once a propriatary database that failed in the marketplace and lost. I think he is confusing us with Ingres, though it’s hard to believe that you could confuse PostgreSQL with any other database, or any other open source project at all… perhaps we need a more unique name or something? Additional press coverage for Greenplum/Frontier Airlines: * TMCNET :: [ Frontier Selects Greenplum’s Bizgres MPP to Fuel Flight Analysis Engine] * BuisnessWire ::[ Frontier Selects Greenplum’s Bizgres MPP to Fuel Flight Analysis Engine; Massively Scalable Open Source Data Warehouse Helps Award-Winning Airline Deliver World-Class Customer Service and Continue Its Leadership Position]