Plane Tickets Booked for PGCon

Well, I booked my tickets this morning for [ PGCon 2008]. Against my better judgement, I’ve booked tickets through [ Dulles], an airport which I really do not like, but which offers direct flights to Ottowa, something I can’t get from [ BWI] (Although BWI did offer a connecting flight through Atlanta…). I’ll be arriving Monday night if anyone is in town that early, if not guess I will have time to work on [ my slides]. On an administrative note, the lightning talks are looking good, we’ll have talks from guys named Greg, Robert, and Gavin, just to name a few. I do have 1 or 2 slots that I could squeeze someone into if your interested; I’d really like to see a quick talk on PostgreSQL use in other open source ecosystems. One last thing, Dan showed me the nifty [,-75.680909&spn=0.005188,0.014248&z=17 conference map] with pointers to all the things around the conference, if you haven’t seen it you’ll want to bookmark for the upcoming trip. See you soon!