Getddl Now Available

One common discussion we see on the postgresql mailing lists is that of how to track changes and do versioning of schema within a database. One of the common solutions offered is the idea of grabbing schema from the system catalogs, writing it to a file, and then committing that to [ svn]. In theory you could write an elegant tool for such a task, but given the number of times someone has asked me to send them a copy of the script we use at [ OmniTI], I’m guess that even the hacky script we use will probably be helpful. To that end, I’ve finally gone ahead and put a public copy of our getddl tool up on [ labs]. Be aware that the script has some issues; I’ve include a TODO of some items that I’d like to see improved, but it meets our current needs, so you’re better off writing patches than waiting for a new release (;-)), but hopefully it will still be of some value. * [ Getddl Project Page] * [ script]