Feb 2009 BWPUG Meeting: Stephen Frost, Column Level Permissions

The last few months have been a busy time for everyone, but it’s time to get focused again and get meeting again. To that end, for the BWPUG February meeting, we have lined up Stephen Frost to give a talk on Column Level Permissions in Postgres. Column level permissions are a new feature that Stephen authored which was recently committed into Postgres and will be available in the upcoming Postgres 8.4 release. Stephen Frost is a Principal with Noblis, Inc., a non-profit organization working in the public interest supporting local, state, and federal Government. His work includes system architecture, system design, programming, unix administration, database administration, and management of the Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center Computing Resources. As a PostgreSQL contributor, Stephen implemented roles support in 8.1 to replace the existing user/group system, and SQL column-level privileges in 8.4. As a PostGIS contributor and committer, Stephen updated the TIGER Geocoder for TIGER/Line and will be introducing a new version which works with the TIGER/Shapefile data at PGCon 2009. Oh, and as a reminder, meetings are held at OmniTI world headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. We’ll look to start around 6:30PM, and we’ll have pizza and drinks available. We look forward to seeing everyone again.